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When you destroy buildings they will become Wreckages and will disappear over time.


House 25 people.


Produce 7+ food each day.


Produce 3+ gold and 1+ stone each day.

Magic Towers

Will defend your city from magic and make it much easier for your wizards to cast long range spells.

Guard Towers

Each guard tower gives 5 + military level, extra defence and increase line of sight.


Increase the morale in your city and the armies stationed in the city.

Lumber Mills

Produce 1+ tree each day.


Lower training time (max 50%) and allows you to train more troops in your city. Note: Each military science level ads one day to the training time.


Will store 100 times more of your resources than a farm/mine/mill. *


Increases the preparation time when an enemy is attacking your colony. + The buildings can have various bonuses that makes them more effective and can produce more. For example building farms in a city placed near a river will produce more food then a city on the plains/desert.

The production in each building will vary depending on the total amount of that building in your empire. While one farm might produce 20 food each day, ten farms might only produce 100 food each day.

* Farms, mines and lumber mills can also store resources and there is no limit on how much one building can store.

Every farm, mine and lumbermill needs 5 workers to operate.

Each man and woman (not in an army) eats 0.25 food each day.

All employed peasants pay 1 gold in taxes each day. As the population of the city grows, merchants and other wealthy people will move into the city and increase the tax revenue.