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What is Visual Utopia?

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Making a Character

You will need to click the Character Icon which can be found in the menu on the right side of your screen.

You will then be presented with a box which looks like the one below.

Here you create your Character. You can select Mr. or Ms. and then enter a name you wish to be known by in game.

When selecting option to “Join a kingdom that accepts new players”; there is a chance you will land instead with an inactive kingdom, or already dead kingdom. It also randomly selects one .. you have a chance to land on higher up worlds with veterans and skilled players. It is best to select “Do not join a kingdom right now”. Doing this means you will not have a kingdom. Selecting “Spawn on the map” will place an army on the map for you. This will make you “alive” in terms of game play.

Most of the time you will be directed to a screen looking like this.

Here you simple choose a name, race, and the world you wish to play on. You can see how long worlds have been going and the level there by click the Worlds Icon.