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The Code of Honor

It is important to understand the age of VU and the premise on which the original player base was formed. VU was spawned in a much younger internet that was not as heavily populated by the common public yet. VU pre-dates Facebook. In the early 2000s VU started with a bunch to players that could easily have been table-top D&D players had they lived in another era. Maybe up to half of the player base was playing both table-top and VU. Much of the growth in the first few years was due to a popular and similar game Utopia Online mentioning VU in their forums.

What you have at the core of this group on players in a serious commitment to playing the game as if the kingdoms were real. A modern equivalent could be guilds or clans in MMOs. Serious effort was put into maintaining the political leadership of the kingdom, the interactions between the kingdoms, and maintaining this mindset that, again, the kingdoms are real and meant something. Over 1000 active players at times spread over multiple worlds – at a time when only one character was allowed.

Now let us belabor that last point. Every player was allowed one character.

One character and if you died you were done for the world you were on. You were no use to your kingdom. Everyone was striving for the OPPORTUNITY to play on Fantasia. And you earned it. What this is alluding to is a system where if you did well you moved ‘up’ worlds and if you did not you moved ‘down’. Fantasia was the top world and frankly some would say the only world that mattered. If you won Fantasia your kingdom’s flag was displayed on the homepage and the top player had the next round named after him or her. To win was an honor.

Interactions between kingdoms was very formal. Agreements between kingdoms were always written out specifically with rules. Some were multiple pages long. There was also a level of conduct that players held each other accountable to and the rest of this text will concentrate on that point. There are standard rules of engagement that have been eroding over time, but enough players still adhere to. It is important to maintain these rules because without them VU will cease to exist, both physically and in spirit.

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