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Below is a guide to the city size and optimal building formulations to achieve optimal production.

Max lv1 - (first built - also a wall city) Total: 400 buildings.

Max lv2 - (size after first built) Total: 6,400 buildings.

Max lv3 - (square) Total: 14,400 buildings.

Max lv4 - (first circle) Total: 25,600 buildings.

Max lv5 (2nd circle) Total: 40,000 buildings.

Max lv6 (3rd circle, first compact outer edge) Total: 57,600 buildings.

Max lv7 Total: 78,400 buildings.

Max lvl 8 Total: 90,000 buildings.

Max lvl 9 (Humans Only) Total: 200,000 buildings.