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Magic can be a very useful skill in Visual Utopia if it's used correctly if not it can drain your gold and resources by continually having to train more Mu’s (Magic units) and magic towers. It can also be a very powerful skill if the person you are using it on has no magic defence.

In order to cast a spell you will be required to have the magic level associated with that spell or higher. In order to get the correct magic level to cast a spell you must upgrade your magic science found in the science tab on the right of the screen. Once you have the required level you can now click the magic tab on the right of the screen, a tab should appear at the top of the screen. The drop bar on the top are Utility spells and on the bottom are offensive spells.

The number of Magic towers and your magic units will increase the power of your magic and the distance in which you can cast your spells at with a higher rate of success.

The Spells:

Utility Spells: Spells cast on your own armies/cities or armies/cities belonging to your kingdom.

Level 1: Bless, increases the targets OP/DP by a percentage depending on the Magic Power

Level 2: Magic Protection, Makes it harder to cast spells on the target

Level 3: Happiness, Increases the morale in an army/city

Level 3: Cure Plague, cures the plague if the army is infected

Level 4: Stone to Gold, Converts stone reserves into gold at a rate of 1:1

Level 4: Magic Weapons, gives the target level 5 Military Science for a period of time

Level 5: Invisibility, renders the target invisible

Level 6: Army of the Dead, revives troops fallen in battles, if casted on a city it creates a small army of 100 troops with 100 exp

Level 6: Invisibility, renders the target invisible

Level 7: Control Time, Advances the target forward a tick or two (Movement/training/building etc)

Level 8: Ghost Warriors, Creates level 1 troops instantly

Level 9: Armageddon, Starts the countdown to the end of the world (Cast on a city)

Combat spells: Offensive magic, cast on enemy cities or armies.

Level 1: Eye in the sky, Gives you detailed information on the target

Level 2: Crush Walls, Destroys walls in the target city, has no effect on armies

Level 2: Locust, Decreases prep time on an attacking army, also destroys food

Level 3 Anger, Decreases the morale in an army or city

Level 3: Dispel Magic, Removes all positive buffs

Level 4: Freeze, Hinders an armies movement or hinders a cities buildings/troops in training

Level 4: Fog, Removes Line of Sight from the targeted army/city

Level 5: Rain of Fire, Kills troops in an army or sets fire to lumbermills/peasents if casted on a city

Level 5: Earthquake, Destroys buildings, no effect on armies

Level 6: Steal Science, Steals a science if the target has higher science other wise only removes targets science

Level 6: Teleport, Teleports the target a certain distance

Level 7: Ownage, Takes control of the targeted army/city (Must be the same race)

Level 8: Plague, Starts a plague that will spread across the world.

Level 9: Dragon, Summons a mighty dragon that will fly around the world plundering gold and peasants

Elf Magic Guide