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They are, like the dwarves; short people, they often live in the ground, but do not like to dig for gold, they rather go for adventures to find large treasures. They are peaceful and happy people, good farmers and their morale can't drop under 50%. Like the dwarf cavemasters, the Halfling farmers will work in the farms to generate more food. They do not like to invest time in science; they rather seek knowledge with adventure.

  1. Extra attack option: Steal food
  2. Farmers will help against steal food
  3. Farmers will increase production in farms
  4. Target gain less experience when attacked by a Halfing
  5. Build buildings 25% faster
  6. Half building cost
  7. Has mounted units (pony riders) that can move faster then ordinary troops
  8. Eat more food
  9. All science upgrades besides farming are expensive.
  10. Morale can not drop under 50% unless angered by magic.
  11. Scouts are invisible on the map (when they are not moving, frozen or a merge leader)
  12. Adventures can find gold and sciences (with experience)

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