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They are evil, brutish and warlike creatures with a natural lust for blood. Their troops require little training and come in great numbers. Gaia is grown from the earth.

  • Can “burn and destroy” cities
  • Nazguls are not affected by city walls
  • Armies can move with double speed using “force march”, but will cause troops to die and the army to lose morale.
  • Has mounted units (Nazguls) that can move faster than ordinary troops
  • It cost more to upgrade medicine and slightly more to upgrade magic
  • Do not need peasants to train Gaia
  • Morale drops in enemy city when preparing an attack
  • Half training time


Orc Army Guide

Orc City Guide

Orc Science Guide

Orc & The Markets

Orc Training Guide

Orc Strategy Guide

Orc Magic Guide